Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone X: The Great Duel

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X stand for the very best of what Apple and Samsung have within the highly competitive smartphone market. The Galaxy Note 8 is certainly the best Android phone around currently and the iPhone X  probably the very best iPhone of course. So both smartphones moreover stand for the greatest iOS and Android are offering as of September 2017.

Both the Note 8 and iPhone X include immensely powerful internals, beautiful bezel-less designs, capable dual camera setups, an OLED screen along with facial & iris recognition. In this ruthless and cold match up, which smartphone has what it really takes to hold the crown? Let us look at both smartphones:

Quick Look at The Galaxy Note 8

The story of both smartphones involves the next generation design. The Galaxy Note 8 brings forth many of the innovations Samsung created in the S8 and S8 Plus. It is packaged with exactly the same edge-to-edge Infinity display and as expected appears modern & extremely gorgeous. The smartphone is built with Gorilla Glass 5 and metal and thanks to the edge-to-edge Infinity screen, has an amazing display to body ratio of 83% per cent. While at first glance it appears much like the Galaxy S8, it’s not as curved – appearing more blocky and also squared off. This may provide additional durability over the Galaxy S8 (Which was a big complaint of Samsungs prior offering).

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A Look at the Apple iPhone X

Similar to the Galaxy Note8, the iPhone X likewise includes a striking bezel less design without any physical buttons, an expansive edge to edge screen plus an all glass rear. The stainless centerpiece which joins the front and back of the smartphone is practically non existent giving the appearance that the iPhone X is but one constant sheet of glass. What intrudes on this seamless experience slightly is actually the’ notch’ at the upper part of the screen that contains the front facing assortment as well as camera of sensors which includes the important TrueDepth digital camera system which powers Face ID.


Choosing Based on Design

Choosing between the Galaxy Note 8 & iPhone X purely on the foundation of design will rely entirely on individual personal preferences and tastes. Some may love the curvaceous and smaller iPhone 8, while others may like the more hefty and industrial looking Note eight. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and its difficult to say one is better than the other in this area. What can’t be denied would be that each smartphones look highly futuristic and cutting edge.

The Displays

The Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3 inch Super AMOLED screen with a Quad HD+ resolution as well as an aspect ratio of 18:9. The iPhone X features a smaller 5.8-inch’ Super Retina’ display which Apple claims provides good contrast, correct colours plus great colour support. Both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X come with an edge-to-edge panel with almost no bezels to speak of. As an outcome, they both look futuristic and sleek – like they’ve been seen from the set of a Sci Fi movie. The similarities do not stop there – both smartphones include OLED panels which support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The iPhone X comes with an ace up its sleeve though in the form of its TrueTone technology. It is True Tone display changes its colour temperature and also hue with respect to the area to be able to lessen eye strain.

Biometric & Facial Recognition

Both the iPhone X and also Note 8 provide facial recognition technology. Nevertheless, Apple claims that its Face ID is actually more secure, quicker, and more versatile. We have seen widespread accounts of Samsung’s facial recognition tech being fooled by using photos. Apple claims that its Face ID has a 1 in a million chance to be tricked by somebody else’s image. Samsung’s biometric authentication also doesn’t do the job perfectly in limited lighting . Face ID on another hand, based on Apple, could be utilized in the dark because of a fancy Flood Illuminator aboard the iPhone X. While on paper, Apple’s Face ID technology certainly sounds much better than the camera found on the Note 8, we are going to have to wait till we get our own device to pass a final verdict.

Fingerprint Scanner or Lack of on iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 8 strikes back by just having a fingerprint scanner on board. Apple’s Touch ID sensor, which has been the staple on all of the iPhones after the launch of its in the iPhone 5s in 2013, is actually conspicuous by the absence of its in the iPhone X. In case rumours are actually to be believed, Apple has unceremoniously dropped the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X since the business didn’t embed it under the smartphone’s display. Though the Galaxy Note 8’s fingerprint sensor can be found in an awkward and hard to reach location, it’s nevertheless a lot better than lacking it altogether. The Note 8 additionally comes with Iris Scanning that enables you to unlock the smartphone utilizing your eyes – a feature not present on the iPhone X.

The Cameras

Both the iPhone X and also Galaxy Note 8 feature optically stabilized Dual cameras on the rear. The iPhone X features a 12MP wide angle sensor with an aperture of f/1.8 alongside another 12MP telephoto sensor with an aperture of f/2.4, the inclusion of allowing for 2X optical zoom and also the capture of pictures with depth of field effects. The Note eight additionally includes a comparable dual camera setup – a main 12MP wide angle lens with an aperture of f/1.7 plus another 12MP telephoto lens with an aperture of f/2.4 which provides for the capture of bokeh shots as well as a 2X optical zoom.

Camera Features

In the imaging area, both smartphones possess some very awesome tricks. The Galaxy Note 8 includes a characteristic called’ Live Focus’ that enables you to set the level of field while previewing a shot or perhaps after you’ve shot a picture. Yet another feature called’ Dual Capture’ permits you to carry a picture utilizing the large angle and also telephoto sensors simultaneously and after that you are able to select what picture you would like to keep. The iPhone X however hits back with’ Portrait Lighting’ – a function that alters the lighting effect on photos.

New Features – Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X

Let us talk about a couple of additional features. The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X are both water and also dust resistant, also come with support for wireless charging. The iPhone X likewise includes very futuristic Augmented Reality (AR) features. An improved Accelerometer and gyroscope, the innovative A11 Bionic CPU, a longer image signal processor and Apple’s brand new GPU will work in concert to improve the phone’s AR capabilities. The Galaxy Note 8 on the other hand will support AR capabilities to some extent in the future through Google’s ARCore.

Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen

The Galaxy Note 8 additionally has the updated S Pen which today features a 0.7mm tip along with a pressure sensitivity level of 4,096. Samsung claims this can help replicate the experience of utilizing a real pen. The S Pen has learnt several new tricks as well. There is the capability to take notes without powering the unit. There is in addition a feature known as Live messages whereby you are able to send out messages to individuals you understand in innovative ways – the smartphone will animate and include effects as sparkles to anything you draw. The great part? These may be mailed as GIF’s via any messaging app which supports the structure.

Pricing of Galaxy Note 8 & iPhone X

Lastly, let us discuss availability and pricing. The iPhone X is going to go on sale in India from the 3rd of November starting at Rs 89,000. The 256GB edition is going to set you back a king’s ransom of Rs 102,000. The Galaxy Note 8 is going to go on sale in India for Rs 67,900 from the 21st of September onward. If perhaps you’re an iPhone loyalist and also have been awaiting Apple to bring forth a radically new iPhone for a very long time, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing an iPhone X. Overall, the Galaxy Note 8 appears to provide just about everything the iPhone X does then more for Rs 25,000 less.

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